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Alaska Breast & Cervical Screening and Assistance Program

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month - Increase Cancer Screening Rates

Free resources on How to Increase Cancer Screening Rates - Open Office Hours

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, and it is an ideal time to focus on increasing rates of cervical cancer screening. Mountain Pacific Quality Health with support from the Alaska Breast and Cervical Screening Assistance Program, is offering individualized one-on-one support/technical assistance to clinics on evidence-based strategies to improve cervical cancer screening rates during the month of January.  Some examples of what support we can offer include:

  • Review cancer screening performance ( eCQM 124) and identify care gaps

  • Identify patients coming due and overdue for screening

  • Conduct and outreach campaign

  • Host a women’s wellness day

  • Set up reminders for providers

  • Set up reminders for patients

  • Set up a process to track results


If interested, please select a day/time that works best for you. If you need additional support after the initial meeting, additional support is available through June 2024.  SCHEDULE your one-on-on session HERE!

Transportation Assistance Through Uber Health

AK B+C has an account with Uber Health that is available to all participating providers to help your patients with any transportation barriers preventing them from accessing breast or cervical cancer screening. Currently Uber Health is limited to Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau but we anticipate they will expand their services to other areas of Alaska.


If you have a patient(s) who needs transportation assistance, please follow the instructions in the attached Word document. If you have questions, please contact Bobbi Unger at bobbi.unger@alaska.gov or 907-269-4662.

Translation Support through Language Line

AK B+C has an account with Language Line Solutions that is available to all participating providers at no cost to you. These services are available for all staff in your practice who work with Limited English speakers.  

Online Enrollment Available

In addition to 1-800-410-6266 and the paper enrollment forms, we now have mobile friendly online enrollment available on our webpage, through this link https://www.med-itweb.com/public/open_enrollment/index.php?state=ak  and QR code. Please let us know if you would like to learn more.

Education and Support Opportunity - Overview of the Alaska Health Information Exchange

Alaska’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) healthEConnect Demonstration – Highlighting available lab and imaging results.


Wednesday, January 26th from 12pm-1pm


Join us for a demonstration of Alaska’s HIE healthEConnect platform, by Mary Ann Eckart, PA-C, Clinical Engagement Specialist. The HIE platform provides secure and HIPAA-compliant access to health data for authorized users and is available to any Alaskan organization providing treatment or care coordination. Health records can be accessed immediately at the bedside or point of care, rather than waiting on a fax or paper records to be received. Lab results, imaging reports and visit notes from participating organizations can be quickly viewed via the healtheConnect portal.

AK B+C Quarterly Provider TA Calls

Please join us for the Alaska Breast + Cervical Screening Assistance Program Quarterly Provider Meetings.

The next call will be:

Wednesday, January 31:  8:00-9:00 am or 12:00-1:00 pm


Please contact Bobbi Unger at bobbi.unger@alaska.gov or 907-269-4662 with questions and to sign up.

Alaska Breast & Cervical Screening Assistance Program

State of Alaska

Отдел общественного здравоохранения

Section of Women's, Children's, and Family Health


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