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OBOT News || December

Your OBOT Group Leads

Winter is in full swing now, and the holidays are coming up quickly, such a busy time of year. Please pay close attention to when you are scheduled for appointments and plan accordingly. In the case of a clinic closure, staff will reach out to you to reschedule your appointment; otherwise please attend your scheduled appointment unless you notify Helen prior! Missing your appointment takes away from someone who could have benefited from that time and could make rescheduling challenging. We limit groups to 8 individuals and offer several weeks to ensure full participation. We schedule your next group at the end of the group to provide time for planning and preparation. If you find that you are struggling to make your appointments, please let us know so we can work with you and help problem-solve.  We are committed to helping you through your journey to recovery and beyond.

Your OBOT Group Leads

Шайна Алес, PA-C

Jenelle Johnson, PA

Кристал Эдвардс, LCSW

Helen Michaelson, CM

Upcoming OBOT Group Dates

Talkeetna- Every first and third Thursday of the month from 1-2 pm (Note: this is a slight change, but still about every 2 weeks and will start January 2023).

Willow- First three Wednesdays of the month from 3:30-4:30 pm





13th & 20th

3rd, 10th, & 17th

7th, 14th, & 21st


14th & 28th

4th & 18th

1st & 15th

4 A's & Sunshine Community Health Center Partnership

We now have clean injection and harm reduction supplies at both the Willow and Talkeetna clinics. These will be available 9 am –5 am Monday through Friday. To access this benefit, we kindly ask that you call us at 907-733-9292 so we can coordinate with you to ensure someone is available to provide those materials.


The 4A’s mobile unit will be at the Willow location on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month and at the Talkeetna location on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. They will be located in the clinic parking lot and can provide safe injection and harm reduction supplies. If you know of someone who would benefit from this resource, please let them know and encourage them to outreach.

4A’s will not be available the day after Thanksgiving and will be closed from Christmas to January 2nd.  During this time, our Talkeetna and Willow clinics will continue to be able to provide resources to the community.  Below are the listed dates that our clinic will be closed for the upcoming holidays.  

Phone System Changes

We are currently in the process of testing a new phone system which we have high hopes of providing better service to our community. What this means is that you may see that when we call, it may identify as spam on your caller ID, or appear to come from an out-of-state number. This is temporary while we get through the testing phase and fully transition to the new system. Please be patient with us and hopefully, we will be fully functioning with fewer growing pains in the next month.  Our phone number has not changed, so please continue to call us at 907-733-9292 to coordinate and discuss your OBOT groups.

Контактная информация

Behavioral Health Direct Line: 907-733-9292

Willow Clinic: 907-495-4100

Talkeetna Clinic: 907-733-2273

"Holiday time can come with a variety of emotions. Be mindful of your triggers and make taking care of yourself a priority." - Crystal Edwards, LCSW

Sunshine CHC Closure Dates

We will be closed for the holidays on December 25th & 26th.


  1. Participants need to schedule their next group session with OBOT staff before leaving the clinic. 

  2. If you need a Medicaid Ride for the group, please let us know.  We need 10 days’ notice to ensure that our staff have timely notice to help coordinate your ride. 

  3. Individual counseling appointments are available to participants and are encouraged.  If you are interested in scheduling time, please contact 907-733-9292, talk to your OBOT team, or mark on your check-in sheet that you would like to schedule this appointment.

  4. All refills for medications after group will be coordinated through the Sunshine Community Health Center Dispensary.

  5. Narcan kits are available on request. 

We wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

Кристал Эдвардс, LCSW

Sunshine Community Health Center Behavioral Health Direct Line || 1-907-733-9292 General Inquiries || 1-907-376-2273 (CARE) Willow Clinic || 1-907-495-4100 Talkeetna Clinic || 1-907-733-2273 (CARE)


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