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Naloxone Kits || Harm reduction in our Northern Valley communities

Sunshine Community Health Center is proud to partner with the Alaskan Aids Assistance Association (4A’s) to provide education and harm-reduction supplies to the upper Mat-Su area, aka the Northern Valley.

Through this partnership we can provide a syringe program, where community members can bring in their used syringes and receive new ones. We have the ability to safely dispose of sharps at the clinic. Additionally, with the assistance of 4A’s, we are also able to provide safer-injecting harm-reduction kits, naloxone kits, condoms, fentanyl test strips, etc. to help reduce the risk of transmitting disease.

We are happy to provide education in the use of naloxone kits, upon request. In addition to harm reduction supplies, we can also provide risk reduction counseling, referrals for addiction treatment and recovery programs, as well as connect you to resources that could assist in meeting your needs.


There are many ways you can access this resource.  Our clinics have supplies on site for easy access. We ask that if you plan to come to the clinic to request supplies, that you outreach our direct behavioral health line at 907-733-9292 to ensure we have staff available to help you with your request.


Rest assured, that we take steps to maintain confidentiality, such as only requesting non-identifying information such as gender, age range, race and zip code. Our goal is to provide methods of providing education and reducing stigma using these prevention strategies. We are motivated to meet you where you are at, utilizing trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, and patient-centered approaches. Please reach out and let us know how we can best support you. Crystal Edwards, LCSW

Sunshine Community Health Center Behavioral Health Direct Line || 1-907-733-9292 General Inquiries || 1-907-376-2273 (CARE) Willow Clinic || 1-907-495-4100 Talkeetna Clinic || 1-907-733-2273 (CARE)


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